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Contact us here at SMR and we'll build a Commercial Inspection package that fits your needs and budget.

Industrial Building
Commercial Property Inspection

Having over 35 years experience as a General Contractor and Building Inspector, SMR Inspection Services has extensive experience with a wide range of commercial property conditions and inspections:

Typical Commercial Properties Inspected by SMR Inspection Services:

          Office units and buildings less than 50,000 sq ft. usually one or two stories

          Multi-Family residential units over 4 dwelling

          Shopping centers and strip malls

          Light Industrial buildings

          Rental properties

          Warehouses less than 100,000 sq. ft.

          Restaurants, bars and more

In our Walk Through Survey SMR's Field Observer will prepare a (PCR) Property Condition Report: Topography/Drainage, Major means of ingress & egress (Exits/Entrances), paving, curbing & parking, landscape, observe on-site recreation facilities, the building’s roof, identify types of parking and number of spaces, exterior construction, observe fences-landscaping-signage-irrigation systems, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, observe storm water drainage systems, and foundations.


ASTM E 2018-15© excludes the elevators / escalators, motors, pits, shafts, etc. but the client should have these inspected (repairs can be costly). They also typically require 6 month and annual inspections. Any current Heavy Manufacturing, Vertical Transportation and Restaurant Equipment is excluded.


SMR's typical Commercial Inspection will take between 6-9 hrs. to perform including the PCR.

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