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Mobile/Modular Home Inspection

A mobile or manufactured home inspection is similar to a general inspection, but it has some special areas of concern. Not only do factory-built homes have different materials and fabrication methods, they’re more vulnerable to damage. To make the process extra complicated, some systems are neither visible nor accessible.

Mobile/Modular Homes Have Some Major Differences

Inspection checklist items:

  • Label or certificate indicating the home’s age

  • Electrical wiring issues including GFCI protection

  • Location of meter

  • Proper electrical grounding for factory-built home

  • DIY electrical updates and repairs

Mobile or manufactured homes are built in a factory and transported to the site where they’re set up or installed. Some are single-wide. But sectioned homes such as double-wides are transported separately and connected on site. The materials are usually much lighter than a stick-built home, and in some cases, the systems, such as HVAC, are smaller.

Most mobile and manufactured homes have 1x structural boards instead of the 2x lumber that’s used in a stick built house. And even after it’s installed, the home is anchored but not permanently fixed to the site.

Electrical is a special concern. In older mobile homes, expect to find aluminum wiring. GFCI protection is often missing, and DIY repairs and upgrades are common. Building code reference for mobile and manufactured homes, they often have a sub panel; the meter is located away from the structure. Metal sheathed homes should be grounded.

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