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Contact us here at SMR and we'll build a Farm, Ranch or Rural Property Inspection package that fits your needs and budget.

Horse Ranch


SMR's Personalized Approach to Farm, Ranches & Rural Inspections in Western Colorado

There are some unique but important differences in a Farm or Ranch inspection. I’ve spent my entire life working and living in and around agriculture, knowing the working in’s and out of an agriculture property is key to understanding what works and what doesn’t.

Each Farm and Ranch Inspection will be performed on an individual basis, every property has its own set of unique needs and requirements.

SMR will help the client establish an Inspection Report to meet each property’s inspections requirements.

A farm or ranch inspection includes a number of outbuildings and amenities. Understanding the condition and functionality of each one is important when it comes time to negotiate. Listed below are some of the inspection items we can help you with. 

Barns, Shops, Stables, Corrals, Arenas, Loadout Facility's, Private Well, Septic Systems, Electrical Systems, Irrigation Systems, Fuel Systems, and Greenhouses.

Farm Field
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